Ever since my daughter was pegged as The Budding Artist, she gets about 14 boxes of crayons at every gift-giving holiday. Boy would she love to get her hands on the custom name crayons from Story Blox.

For around $5, depending on the length of your kid’s name, the company will melt down recycled crayons to form one of the best and most inexpensive kid’s gifts around. You can also order a random bunch of letters or the first letter of each party attendee’s name for some pretty great goodie bag favors.

Who knew those annoying broken bits of crayon could be turned into something other than snacks for my baby? -Kristen 

Use code CMP2008 for 10% off your order through May 31. And if you have some crayons to recycle, send them in and mention CoolMomPicks for a 10% discount per pound up to 4 pounds!


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