Last year’s scandals about lead levels in toys were really a wake-up call for many of us. Toy safety became serious business, and while you can always turn to resources like our Safer Toy Guide (and a new one coming out soon!) what’s a Mama who just wants to go shopping to do? Are the days of just browsing and buying over?

Au contraire, my cautious friends. Check out No Strings Attached Toys, an online and brick-and-mortar store that really gets how important it is to us to know that safe toys are truly safe. Every single item they sell is personally tested for lead with the same kind of big deal $30,000 machine used by customs agents. You’re not going to find really unique or indie toys at No Strings Attached just yet, but they do carry popular brands like Melissa & Doug and Manhattan Toy.

Their commitment to child toy safety is so strong, they’ll even test any questionable toy you bring in to their Syracuse area store for free. And they’ve launched a companion site listing lead-free toys for your reference, as well. What a concept — a big store that actually gets it. –Mir

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