I love the idea of a stunning high-end baby blanket as the perfect shower gift, except for one thing: What do you do with a blanket that’s too pretty to use?

Enter Two Tinas, a small company just starting to make it big (hello Nordstrom!) with their gorgeous but still 100% baby friendly designs. Bright cotton fabrics, like their brand new “Rocket Man” (pictured) combined with a lovely plush underside are accented by the company’s signature and distinct washable felt initial.

Truth be told, these blankets are still cute enough that I’m wary about letting my son actually use it. But based on how it feels, I’m betting it’ll become his favorite faster than I can wash it. I guess that’s the cue to buy two. -Kristen

Edited to add: After hearing complaints about horrible online customer service and unfulfilled orders, we suggest if you purchase these blankets at all, you do so in a brick-and-mortar retailer.


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