i-c621c8a780456a3e04f783c613650df8-il_430xN.27802521-thumb-200x262.jpgIt’s not that we’re entirely averse to giving ties for Father’s Day, it’s just that for dads who wear ties to work, it seems a little…perfunctory. But for the hipster dad that doesn’t have to sport the cravat daily, we love the idea of getting him something a little special in the neckwear department.

We’ve found just the thing at Bethany Shorb’s Cyberoptix Tie Lab, where every fanciful design is screenprinted by hand then beautifully packaged. There are skinny ties for the truly fashion forward; microfiber ties emblazoned with everything from funky Victorian gears to kitchen knives; and lightweight summer options like the poppy tie on white for that rock star wedding in June.

The Bombs Away love bomb  style (shown) is wonderful too. Although both Kristen and I gravitated to the phonographs right away for our own baby’s daddies. We’re so predictable.

Any design can be printed in any ink on any color tie you’d like for just $30. Unless you’re springing for the luxe silk caviar tie which is $75. Hey, it’s cheaper than the real thing. –Liz

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