The modular carpet tiles from FLOR are taking the design world by storm with their new offerings by the renown mid-century textile designer, Alexander Girard. But eh, who cares about the design world when there are regular old parents out there who just need smart, cool floor covering ideas for their nurseries and playrooms.

Obviously the whole La Fonda del Sol collection looks amazing – especially our fave, the Pequino. But we really love how practical they are for families; the prices are great (just $159 for the set of six tiles), you can double it for larger spaces, or you can mix and match with other tiles. As for durability, well, they are. You can even peel one tile up when the baby spits up on it and wash it off in the sink. Try doing that with wall-to-wall.

Plus? Eco-friendly! Recyclable, and guaranteed to have the least “new carpet smell” in the industry, meaning less chemical stuff. Suddenly those suns look even sunnier to me. –Liz

[via mod*mom]


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