Well it’s about time that someone finally developed a decent shopping engine for more eco-conscious consumers. That honor is going to Greenzer.com.

At first glance (the site is still in beta), they seem to have relationships with relatively progressive brands including Patagonia, Seventh Generation, Herman Miller and Burt’s Bees, plus CMP faves like Sigg (shown) and gDiapers. It’s a cool way to help guide your purchase decisions, like hey – I never knew that Toshiba laptop was Energy Star rated.

But where there’s real value added is with Greenzer’s editorial. Click on lifestyle and you’ll catch daily posts, green shopping guides, plus very clever product comparisons between plastic versus reusable water bottles, or traditional versus BPA-free baby bottles.

I especially like that not all products they feature are inherently green (or recycled or organic or vegan) – sometimes it’s as simple as a camera that uses rechargeable batteries or a fridge with LED lighting.

Baby steps. Green baby steps. –Liz

Congratulations to Caroline M, Donna, Jen C, Kirsten K, Kristen J, Mike P, Nicole A, Rosanne M, Suanne G, and Tina O – they each won a canvas bracelet from Greenzer!


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