For years, “organize photos” has been at the top of my to-do list.Between piles of printed snapshots and folders chock full of digital pictures, I can never seem to make the time – meaning my piles and folders grow bigger, and the project more intimidating.

Fortunately, I’ve discovered an easy way to print and show off my photographic memories with the Blurb book publishing software. Better than a photo album, these are actual beautifully printed, bookstore quality books with dust jackets and everything if you choose.

The free software is aptly called BookSmart and it makes it very easy to create a baby or family album – or even a cookbook, travelogue, or a way to turn a personal blog from bits and bytes into something for your bookshelf.

BookSmart features hundreds of layout options, so you’ll find a look you like whether you prefer pages jammed with photos or a more minimalist approach. You can also integrate
text (in your own fonts!) where you want to share the backstory behind the snaps. It’s easily a step above the free photosharing sites’ books in terms of customization, and prices start at just $12.95 for a small softcover.

Make sure you clear a spot on the coffee table for your Blurb book – I’m totally proud of my own. It’s not the Great American Novel, but it does show off my great American family. – Nancy