My kids are masters of The Heap. Think: The coat that just missed the peg on the entryway wall.  The wet towel they couldn’t get onto the rack in the bathroom.  The backpack they left carelessly on the floor because. . .well, where is that supposed to go?

The J Hook from Design Within Reach may be the best step towards eliminating The Heap that I can find. Made out of soft tinted silicone rubber in six cool colors, you can place a bunch of them at a kid-friendly height without worrying that they will impale themselves should they run nto it while playing a rollicking round of “Chase Your Sisters.” Plus, the silicone
grips onto whatever is hanging, making it less likely that you’ll see the coat slide to the ground.

The J Hook will be our wet towel solution for the kids’ new bathroom – I can give each kid his or her own colored hook and leave it up to them to get their own towels off their floor. Hooray! –Christina


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