It’s hard not to be smitten with sundresses for little girls – they’re so sweet, so springy, so totally age appropriate. I could, however, live without the Laura Ingalls fabrics. So when a friend bestowed my youngest daughter with a totally awesome sundress made from a concert tee I was like, yes! Awesome.

The Wild Horses dress with a nicely crafted elasticized bodice is courtesy of Rockin’ Robin (tweet, tweet, tweet) comes with a matching pair of bloomers, and we found it online at West Village Kids.

Sorry friend, I know how much you spent now. (And thank you!)

Want the high end version? PsychoBaby has amaaaazing sundresses from Kaos that show off your little girl’s love for the Ramones (right), the Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash or the Grateful Dead. They’re just fabulous. Even you do have to actually be in one of those bands to afford them. –Liz

Everything at PsychoBaby is 20% off through 6/30 with code summer20!

Save 15% on everything (except preorders) at West Village Kids with code CMPsummer!


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