Brothers and sisters? They fight. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes even when they’re grown-ups. (ahem) So when you find a book that makes you want to not fight, you better cuddle up and read it out loud to those darling children of yours.

One City, Two Brothers, written by Chris Smith and illustrated by Aurelia Fronty, is a must-read for siblings, especially when read to by mommies who are siblings.

For the kids, it’s the story of two brothers who spat like weasels until they hear a parable told by wise King Solomon.

For the adults, it’s also the story of two men who made different choices about marriage and children, and two brothers whose love for each other transcended their opposite lifestyles. It makes me want to call my sister and tell her I love her every time I read it. Even though she’s still annoying. -RIta


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