1After reading a New York Times article about how often airplanes wash their blankets and pillows  and what exactly can be found in those seat back pockets…shivers. I may just have to reconsider my status as confirmed non-germophobe. And I may have to reconsider how excited I get when the airplane has one pillow left and they toss it my way.

How brilliant that someone – a mom, of course – finally invented a disposable pillow case for airplane pillows. Called JetHeads, they’re inexpensive at $4.95 for a two-pack and they’re made of that soft fabric that those airline pillow cases are anyway. Only less, um, used.

Or as founder Eleen Woo puts it, rest easy knowing you and your children aren’t napping where the last person sneezed. That pretty much says it all right there. –Liz

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