BPA-free baby bottles and pacifiers. Natural wood teethers. Organic baby food. We think a lot about what goes into the mouth of babes, but what about the soaps we use to clean off those bottles, nipples, spoons or pacifiers?


Fortunately two moms were one step ahead of me on this stuff and created Dapple, an all-natural, biodegradable dish washing soap that
specifically works on milk, formula and baby foods without using
dangerous chemicals. Best of all it cleans the gunk off the rest of your dishes too.

I loved the clean scent of the dishwashing liquid and that it got rid of the grease on my pans and the baby food on my niece’s dish. My sister, whose supply of dirty baby bottles were used
to test Dapple’s dishwasher detergent, was pleased that Dapple didn’t leave an icky residue on the plastic and noted, with some surprise, that the inside of her dishwasher had never looked cleaner. Dapple’s price is also surprisingly affordable – get it by the case on the Dapple site or individually at Diapers.com. 
Now, if I could only use it on everything my kids put in their mouths. –Christina

Congratulations to Christine R, CW, L2BO, Lindsay B, and Patrick – who each won a container of Dapple dishwashing liquid!


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