Admittedly, I’m terrible at keeping a record of what’s going on with my kids other than the pictures and stories I post on my own personal blog. But now that my daughter is old enough to draw her own pictures and tell her own stories, I couldn’t help but be totally fascinated by the This is Me journal.

Created by mom Carrie Lundell, this archival quality journal combines most 3-8 year olds’ favorite pastimes — drawing, writing, creative thinking, and collecting — and allows them to use all of those to capture what they’ve done, seen, and experienced throughout the year. The book provides ample space for pictures and drawings, all with wonderful writing prompts on everything from their favorite music to the three favorite things about themselves.

Even if your kids can’t yet write on their own, you can serve as their scribe and spend super quality time working on this together. Which, come to think of it, makes it a keepsake for the both of you.  -Kristen


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