I’ll admit that I’m late to the Robeez party, but now that I’m here,
I’m a devoted fan. And as far as I’m concerned, I’ve arrived just in
time since their designs seem to be getting cuter by the season.

This summer, I’m coveting their sandals for babies and toddlers. Along with their trademark soft sole, the baby sandals have cut-outs to
keep those tootsies cool. And because not everyone wants giant fish or dragons on their kids feet, it’s nice that these come in classic colors like pink and
navy along with some trendy metallics. If you prefer more of an outdoor shoe for early cruisers, then check out the Tredz sandals with the sturdy but flexible sole.

I also recently checked out The Weekend Collection which updates their classic slip-on styles with sporty, smooth leather uppers in good basic colors. I suppose the name refers to the fact that babies with country club memberships now have the proper footwear this summer. At long last. –Julie


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