The smell brings me right back to childhood, but the first time I found my daughter with a wad of Play-Doh in her mouth, I wondered, “what the heck is in this stuff?” An all-natural alternative is the unscented eco-dough, made by a family in California

My kids loved its creamy feel that didn’t get hard or crumbly over time; in fact, our tub of dough is still as soft as the day we got it. If you leave it out overnight, a little bit of olive oil added to the dough will bring it back to life.

Original eco-dough is made with wheat flour (as is Play-Doh) but gluten, soy, and dairy-free options are handmade and available on the website. And there are no artificial colors or chemicals so if you’re super green, you can compost the stuff, container and all, when you’re done.

Sure that childhood scent is not included. But watch your kids go at it with the eco-dough and you’ll realize it’s totally unnecessary.

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