One of the best pieces of advice I got at my baby shower was to save the gift bags. Sure enough, I reused almost all of them–except that one that already looked reused enough. I’ll withhold names to protect the regifter.

Mom Jennifer Paretta liked the idea of reusing gift bags so much that she created ones for that very purpose. The Friendship Gift Bag is basically a bag meets a coloring book meets; you know, the site where you type in your dollar bill’s serial number and see where it’s been. Kids can color in one of the squares on the gift bag and sign their names, then log onto the website and track its journey by inputting the serial number. Whether you’re into the online aspect or not, the final birthday boy (or girl) ends up with something made by all of his friends. Kinda fun.

I also like the idea that now you can regift a gift bag without getting dirty looks from the Stepford Moms. Just don’t regift the gift inside. –Liz

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