We’re certainly fortunate to have a pool right up the street from our house, but combine daily visits with two little kids and you’ve got a whole heck of a lot of crap to lug around.

Clearly, not just any old tote bag will do, which is why I was quite happy that one of our favorite little diaper bag makers, JP Lizzy, decided to introduce us to their new Leisure Tote. It’s perfect for carrying beach or pool toys, towels, diapers, and everything else you think you need but probably don’t. Other than the extremely sizeable main pouch, it’s got a smaller zippered pouch on the outside for quick access to keys or a cell phone, and a handy insulated one on the inside, so your drinks and sippy cups can stay cool in the hot sun. 

Not only is it a stylish change from what you might typically carry, it’s also wipeable — which is way more than I can say for my recently retired canvas bag that’s covered in a hodge podge of crusties and stains. -Kristen

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