My three year-old has entered that phase I’m lovingly describing as Her Jerk Phase. As in, the movie The Jerk. Remember that scene where Steve Martin says “The ashtray, the paddle thing and the remote control. And these matches. That’s all I need. And this chair.” Well that’s how it is getting out of the house with my daughter these days.

If you know exactly what I’m talking about, well first of all congrats on having excellent taste in movies. Next, you might consider grabbing one of the wonderful pint-sized Mini Messenger Bags from Ellie Bellie Kids.

The craftsmanship is just as lovely as the rest of designer Jennifer Cooper’s items (see our glowing review of her kids superhero capes here) and the size is perfect for a preschooler or young grade-schooler. I really like the velcro closure to keep her truly independent – smart. And thank goodness for nice basic styles with no cuties cartoon characters or barnyard animals.

This way when my daughter insists on taking her bear, some crayons, a broken slinky and one extra shoe with her to the park, I can say fine. Just so long as you carry it yourself. –Liz

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Congratulations to Laurie W, winner of a mini messenger in mocha!