There is no happy camping where there are mosquitoes and ticks there to ruin the fun, and so we present to you the ingenious Don’t Bite Me Patch. It’s one of the most awesome and natural ways we’ve found to protect your kids from those small buzzing beasts of summer.

Simply remove the patch and stick it to your kid’s arm or upper back and they’re protected for up to 36 hours without exposure to any chemicals or icky scents. Just plain old Vitamin B1 and Aloe Vera. For full effectiveness, you’ve got to get it on them a good 2 hours before exposure, so you’re best off popping it on first thing in the morning.

If you’re worried about reapplying after a cool dip in the lake (or a run through the sprinkler on your lawn), don’t be. The Don’t Bite Me Patch is totally waterproof. And at $4.99 for five patches, it’s worth every penny. -Kristen


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