Pity the average supermarket shopper; we have to push around banged-up, one-wheel- jiggling, sticky-handled metal shopping carts when we do our food shopping.  If
our carts looked more like the toy shopping cart from Plan Toys, I may enjoy the
experience a bit more and not notice that I’m paying almost $8 for a
gallon of organic milk.  

love how this sturdy cart can hold everything from my kids’ play food to
their favorite stuffed toys, and has a stopper in back that keeps the cart
from flipping.  They can wheel their toys down the street for a play
date or bring it to library story time to carry home some more books.   
You’ll also be glad to know that this shopping
cart (like everything from Plan Toys) is made of environmentally friendly rubberwood and finished with
non-toxic paints.  And, since the handle can be adjusted to your child’s height, this is a toy that will literally grow with them over the years. Hopefully by then milk will be down to a more reasonable $7.50. Christina

Recession Buster: At time of posting, the cart is 25% off at Your Stage Inc.


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