If you’ve got a kid heading off to sleepaway camp or even day camp, you’re probably hoping that he’ll come back home again with the same stuff you sent him there with. Except maybe that peanut butter sandwich. Because that would be gross.

Mabel’s Labels makes labels we love, and now they’ve got a handy camp pack of personalized labels which should pretty much help Joshua’s stuff stay Joshua’s stuff. Each set comes with shoe labels, two bag tags, and then your choice of sticky labels, iron-ones, or Tag-Mates that go right on the clothing labels, no ironing necessary. Pick your colors, pick your icon (that tent is pretty cute), and pick your kid’s name. Or wait…hopefully you’ve already done that.

You should also check out the daycamp pack from Stuck on You which combines their iron-on labels with a bunch of shoe labels and more. See which one works best for you. -Liz