My daughter adores cartoon characters, as she is biologically programmed to, but I don’t necessarily like cartoon characters all over her clothes. (God love Diego for teaching my kid what an ocelot is but I don’t feel the need to reciprocate by advertising the show for him.)

If you’re with me, instead grab your daughter one of the super cool baby onesies or kids tees from gohgirl and you’ve got your own characters to make up fascinating tales of adventure about. I’d start with one of the futuristic international secret agents like Zaria the artist from Nigeria or Beijing and her dog Changsha from China, whose backstory is so hilarious you’ll just have to read it for yourself.

Artist Liz Goh has an amazing sensibility and a wicked sense of humor, no doubt she’ll be getting her own animated series soon. Although I think I’d still buy the shirts. –Liz

[via indiefixx]

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Congratulations to gohgirl tee winner, Jill R!


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