Mostly we’re fans of handmade plush around here, but we also understand that not everyone wants to spend $85 on a penguin hand-knit from recycled sweaters then hand-stuffed with locally harvested cotton (even if it is totally awesome and you would be seriously the best gifter ever).

So we’re happy to see that now there’s an affordable choice for the masses that’s eco-friendly too, courtesy of Aurora’s Naturally Line. The critters are fashioned out of 100% soybean fiber and oh my God are they soft. Even the stuffing is green, a sustainable rainforest crop called Kapok. Best, they start at just $16.

My toddler’s new favorite bedtime reading is the company’s catalog, as she points out every penguin, bear, chimp and lemur that she absolutely must have. Until they all hit stores and web sites at the end of the month, you can find the super-cute polar bear and panda cub at the San Diego Zoo’s online store with more to follow by the end of the month. Something tells me that actual polar bears and panda cubs would approve. –Liz

Update: The plush soy collection is now also available through Amazon and if you like supporting small biz, like we do…through Rabbit Kinney which also offers free ship $75+


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