We couldn’t leave you mamas with sleepaway-ready kids out of Happy Camper Week on Cool Mom Picks, so we found some camp stationery we couldn’t resist. And, hopefully, neither will your kids. Which really is the point.

The Camp Kits at Red Stamp may be just what your busy kiddo needs to tear away from friends for 30 long, grueling seconds in order to shoot you a Camp Grenada-style note. We especially like the Boys Camp Stationery Kit which oddly steers clear of the old baseball/soccer ball/basketball motif in favor of fun colors and xy-chromosome approved graphics.

The stationery comes with a journal (replete with the old skull and crossbones/keep out) and a glow-in-the-dark pen for note-writing after dark. So really, he’ll have no excuse at all not to write. Although if he’s anything like my brother was back in the day, he’ll find plenty. Oh well, there’s always the phone. –Liz


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