Since moving my fair-skinned family to Georgia last year, I’ve really had a baptism by fire(ball) when it comes to sun protection. Oh, sure, we took precautions in the sun up north, but the sun here is fiercer, hotter, and completely relentless. And is there anything worse than a little kid with a painful sunburn?

So, yes, I never thought I’d be excited about a laundry additive, but SunGuard may just be the answer to this southern mama’s prayers: Add a package to a load of laundry to wash in UPF 30 sun protection that lasts for 20 more washes! It’s invisible, too — it won’t change the color or feel of clothing at all. And you know this frugal mama danced a little jig when I saw it’s only $1.99/box. That’s equivalent to, what, maybe 2 ounces of sunscreen that’ll sweat off in ten minutes?

I haven’t tried it myself yet, but it is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation which is good enough for me. Now I can breathe a little easier, and hopefully put away the aloe for a while. –Mir

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