Regular CMP readers know that Kristen has described bibs as “outfit
spoilers.” I feel the same way about baby carriers. (Plus I’ve always felt they stop me from showing off my postpartum
cleavage.) So it’s for purely selfish reasons that I adore the reversible baby slings from
Polkadot Papoose with big, bold and absolutely beautiful patterns
that demand to be admired. 

The latest styles are made with amazing fabrics in combos inspired by and named for literary characters. I’ve got the Josephine (better known as Jo from Little Women) myself which is a
fresh blue and green pattern that’s perfect for getting out the house with the baby this summer. But I love so many of the others too, like the elegant Elizabeth, although I’m not sure which side is Pride and which is Prejudice. The small binkie pocket on the outside is a nice touch too.

If you haven’t yet given babywearing a whirl, I’m betting these
beauties will tempt you into it.  Because with accessories like these,
it really won’t matter if the baby’s in a stained onesie and you
haven’t showered in three days. –Julie

10% off and free shipping at Polkadot Papoose through 7/31/2008 with code CMPJuly

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