Oh Lou and Lee, where were you when my daughters were still young enough for your beautiful handmade onesies?

I suppose I’ll have to forgive LA designer Ann Dewitt, who’s captured my heart with unusual details like vintage lace and tromp l’oeuil felt cameos or vests, yielding the kinds of shower gift that put all others to shame. I love the Marguerite Pink Felt (shown) and Amy Fancy Lady onesies if you’re lucky enough to find either in stock.

Plus Ann may actually have the first floral headbands for girls I really could get into. More Carrie Bradshaw than Carrie Underwood, this felt headband could make a flower girl outfit one day, then go bounding through the playgrounds of Silverlake the next. So great. –Liz

Congratulations to Christy P, winner of a headband from Lou and Lee!


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