I’m not a girlie-girl.  In fact, I tend to be a minimalist when it
comes to dress and decor.  When my daughter showed up, we ended up
custom-designing our announcements because we couldn’t find anything
that wasn’t covered in bows, sheep, kittens or flowers. 

I only wish there had been this fill-in-the-blank It’s a Girl Announcement from
the very cool Bumble Ink. Pink without being PINK.  A doll who clearly doesn’t spend
time with Barbie.  A decided lack of exclamation points.  All courtesy of designer Gavin Wu who mercifully (for parents) made the leap from computer engineering.

addition to the announcements, the shop also features adorable invitations, greeting
cards, holiday cards and even cheeky comics–including one featuring possibly
favorite ever pick-up line:  “Buy me some fries.” –Rita

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