When I see a beautiful, handmade creation, my first thought is: “Oh,
how beautiful and creative!”  The second thought that crosses my mind is
“how can I make that myself?” Occasionally the item is actually in the
realm of possibility, even for sleep-deprived mamas with limited time,
resources, and creativity.

Just ask Abby Pecoriello – author of Crafty Mama
and mother of two girls.  She’s collected 49 fast and
fabulous projects for babies and toddlers and documented them in step-by-step detail, perfect even for those who wouldn’t know a glue gun
from a squirt gun. 

I’m impressed with everything about this book – the
photography, the instructional drawings, and the “Craftypedia” at the
end of the book which cross-references materials with projects and
lists sources and prices. Yes, there’s a lot of fleece involved like for the No-Sew Swanky Blanky, but there are also a ton of other projects
that will make you sit up and say, “Hey, I can make that!”  I’m itching
to try the Vinyl Diner Bib myself.

What most resonated with me was Abby’s introductory chapter
where she discussed the uncertainty she felt during pregnancy and after
giving birth.  Making beautiful, handmade creations gave her a sense of
purpose and accomplishment – one you can’t get from changing diapers
and emptying the dishwasher.

Put down the dust cloth and pick up a glue gun.  Trust me. – Julie

Congratulations to Crafty Mama book winners Gaye M, Lacey K, Tamara L, Ticia M, and Tonya F!


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