My daughter is insistent on drawing anywhere and everywhere, which isn’t so bad when we’re sitting in our kitchen. When we’re in our car it can present a bit of a problem. But now with her Room it Up lap desk, I can barely get her to come out, even when we’re pulling up to the ice cream shop.

With a hard plastic top and bean bag-like underside, it’s sturdy but light so your kids can use it without feeling like they’ve got a big weight on their lap. Of course the best part has to be the variety of bright, colorful styles, like the Line Flower (pictured), or the Pink and Green Argyle.

The lap desk comes complete with a handy cup holder, and if you’ve got an older kid, it coordinates quite smashingly with Room It Up’s reasonably priced school bags and accessories. Which leaves plenty leftover for gas for that moving art studio of yours. -Kristen

Congratulations to lap desk winner Lindsay B!


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