Say “bean bag chair” and my mind flashes back to 1975, an image of a shiny vinyl blob sitting on shag carpeting. I can even conjure up the squeaking sound it made when I landed on it. The bean bag chairs by Cocoon Couture?  Yeah, not one of those.

Australian company uses pinwale corduroy and vintage fabrics to create
soft, sturdy covers with a smile-inducing critter sewn onto the side.  Stop by Cute-ture to pick out your favorite among half-a-dozen forest friends.  My favorite? A toss-up between the sweet bird and Little Foxy who embodies charm and cool.

But it wouldn’t be cool if thousands of little beads
came spilling out, so I know you’ll appreciate the internal lining that insures that the beads stay put. Be
sure to order a bag of Cocoon Couture’s recycled bean filler which is sold separately, and you can
even ask the kind people at Cute-ture to prefill your bags before
shipping to save you the trouble.
Bean bags have sure come a long way, baby.Christina

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