A certain purple dinosaur has given this dude a bad name. But I’m
thinking Barney Saltzberg is taking the name Barney back (yeah!) with 30
incredible children’s books and four really swell CDs in his
arsenal, including his latest musical artistry, Crazy Hair Day. (Did
this pacifist just make a weaponry reference in the other Barney’s
general direction? I think I definitely did.)

Maybe it’s my Austin
roots, but I’m really loving the laid back folksy brilliance of this
album, which sounds like a relaxed rainy Sunday afternoon–the children’s music
equivalence of the great background soundtrack you want to your day.

The CD features a good collection of celebrity guests
including Dustin Hoffman (he does a fantastic reading), Jackson Browne,
and Vonda Shepard,
and all of the artists’ royalties are donated to pediatric cancer
research. He’s evidently pretty in with the A-listers because the great Zach Braf is recording a voice for
Barney’s character, Stanely Birdbaum, for a Crazy Hair Day animated DVD
project coming up.

So basically, this Barney is the real deal talent who has my
attention, my appreciation, and my respect. I’m pretty
sure he does not assure me that we’re a happy family, but he does write really good
music. And that’s more than enough for me. –Laura

Congratulations to autographed CD winners Carissa D, Danielle, Elisa M, Jay D, and Robert W!


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