It’s the invasion of the eco-bags! They’re flooding the market and the truth is, as long as they keep being cute, we’re going to keep posting about them.

The latest entry: BYOB from two ever eco-consicous women up in Vancouver, Canada.

The ethically-made totes have a nice lightweight but sturdy quality about them, and I really like the size and length of the handles. Definitely a fine substitute for a plastic bag and a half at the local deli.

The certified organic collection includes some wonderful designs, from retro poppies to the not-fit-for-PTA-meetings F*ck Plastic. (Although let me tell you, I would totally wear it to a PTA meeting if I could be assured that no kids of reading age were around.) For a little more money, I really like the limited edition artist series of bags, and when you click over you’ll like them too. I’ve been stalking the site for ages to see when Tastemaker not Wastemaker would be in stock again and, behold, it is.

Mamas got a brand new bag. –Liz

Congratulations to Jenny R, winner of the limited edition Simon Underwood bag!


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