When it comes to growth charts, we’re the pencil on the wall type of family. Believe me. It’s not like we love to write on our walls, but we have yet to find a growth chart that is both functional and is something we’d actually hang somewhere other than inside a closet door.

But when I saw Tiny Sprouts’ new Grow With Me cloth chart, I thought that it was something I could definitely see putting up in my house. This extremely simple yet brilliant chart is hand embroidered with the text of your choice and includes numbers (in feet, of course) so you can keep track of your rapidly growing kids by writing right on it.

And what I love most is that when your kiddos have surpassed the 5 feet mark, or you’re only measuring them every year or so, you can roll it up and keep it neatly packed in your child’s keepsake box. Way better than trying to fit the wall in there. -Kristen

Congratulations to Grow With Me chart winner, Mary S!


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