Being that my daughter was a little baldie for a very long time, imagine my excitement when she became obsessed with hair clips. Especially because I am not the type to stick barrettes on a bald scalp with Karo syrup.

My enthusiasm was quickly dashed when I realized that keeping track of her hair clips so that we didn’t lose them (or worse, her brother didn’t eat them) was a nightmare. That’s why I’m seriously considering one of the adorable hair clip holders by Details spotted at The Silly Wagon. I’m completely smitten with the sweet felt blue bird that holds a simple ribbon to keep a handful of barrettes in order. It’s trimmed with a personalized rosette that makes the whole piece something that looks cute on a wall too.

I can’t believe I’m raving about a barrette holder. If that’s not reason enough to snatch one up, I’m not sure what is. -Kristen

Congratulations to clip holder winner Melissa B!


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