I realize that back-to-school is knocking on my door, but considering it stays warm and sunny in our neck of the woods until early October, I’m not sure my daughter will be sporting the brown eather Mary Janes on August 11. So I can blame the weather for my interest in these adorable canvas shoes found at Mama Om boutique, right?

Imported from Spain and made with kids in mind (machine washable), these durable shoes are perfect for play or party time. They come in a variety of styles, including versatile solids and my favorites, the cherry ballerina flats.

They might be a bit more than you’d pay for a pair of plain canvas play shoes, but they’re definitely made to last well past the weather turns crisp and you’re planning a beach trip so you can pull them out again. -Kristen

Use code cmp15offmamaom for 15% off your order