We’re excited to be partnering with Cookie Magazine this week to present some of our favorite picnic picks of the season. (Picknics?) Hit our site, then make sure to click over to Cookie to double your picnic pleasure, double your fun. And don’t miss the fabulous giveaway opportunity this week!

Every time I meander through the West Village, I have to make a detour up Perry Street to see what’s new at Hable Construction. They just seem to get the combo of modern textiles with practical design every single time. So it’s no surprise that their picnic tote is the one the CMP editors are coveting the most this year.

I cannot possibly choose between the four fabrics, which is I think the only reason I don’t own one myself yet.  It’s the perfect smaller size so you can fill it with just enough food and stick some utensils and napkins in the exterior pockets. Plus the flat bottom keeps it upright, provided curious toddlers stay out.

If you prefer a larger bag, check out Hable’s stylish Weekender which can definitely haul blankets, sandwiches, and something to drink of the fermented variety.

Don’t forget the corkscrew. Oh, never forget the corkscrew. –Liz

Be sure to click over to  Cookie’s blog starting today for a week’s worth of their own picnic picks

Congratulations to Crista J, winner of all our picnic picks plus Cookie’s picnic picks this week!


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