I’m tired of unpacking a picnic lunch and finding that the
sandwiches have been squished or the plastic containers have spilled
their contents all over the inside of the cooler.  Next time, I am putting things in the colorful, streamlined bento lunch box from LA’s Plastica boutique. 

With 2-4 separate melamine layers, the tuna and potato salad can be packed separately from the PB&J and cookies. Just stack the layers, grab the metal handle and go. Afterward, toss right into the dishwasher. 

Considering grabbing the one of the great-looking two-level bento boxes (shown) for each child, and they can use it to carry lunch to school come September. Just make sure those layers all make it home at the end of the day.Christina

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Congratulations to Crista J, winner of all our picnic picks plus Cookie’s picnic picks this week!

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