I find that reading labels is hard enough when I’m trying to figure out which cereal has less fat, or whether sugar is hidden in yogurt using some sixteen-syllable code name. But when you’ve got a kid with serious allergies, keeping an eye out for certain ingredients is absolutely essential.

Peapod by Stop & Shop, which already delights northeastern families with their online grocery shopping and home delivery service, has a most excellent feature called NutrifFilter, as we’ve recently learned. Basically you select a filter to highlights items that are gluten-free or low fat or on Weight Watchers (and so on) as you browse the virtual aisles.

No peanuts allergy sticker

So check off peanut-free, for example and automatically a little peanut icon tells you that you can buy your Kashi Party Crackers with confidence and skip the KA-ME fish sauce.

Coming soon: Egg-free and dairy-free filters. And I thought just not having to brave the supermarket with the kids was awesome.

[no peanuts sticker via jeeto’s allergy collection]