As a mom to toddlers I tried that whole organization thing where you put pictures on the toy bins, rather than words, so that the kids know what goes where. The only problem? I can’t draw worth a darn. My daughter was afraid of the lopsided grinning face on her dolly bin, and my son informed me that my scrawl on the car bin was a “notcar.”

What to do? Well, if I could turn back the clock, maybe I could’ve gotten myself a set of these vinyl labels instead from designer Jamie Bringhurst of Etsy shop studio jk, who does some cool things with labels. Not surprising, she’s an organizing consultant in her other life.

You choose the color and design of the six you want, and suddenly bins have mod labels that are crystal clear to both kids and adults alike.

Too bad Etsy wasn’t around back when I really needed them. –Mir

[via indie fixx]

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