As a WAHM/SAHM with a fairly good memory, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve gone without a date book for the last four years. But now that I’m running a business and adding kid number three, my brain just can’t hack it anymore. So I’ve enlisted the assistance of the Time Too Family Tracker Weekly Dispatch, which is a very long way of saying “simple mom friendly date book.”

The easy-to-use week at a glance set-up gives you just enough room for various appointments and important events. And I love that you get to fill in the date on the page so you can start the calendar mid-year. It’s definitely geared for moms with one or two kids who are only wearing a few hats instead of 74. (Ahem.) But they’re small and sleek so you can keep them in your already overstuffed bag, and not feel bad if you forget them courtesy of mom brain, which afflicts us no matter how many kids you have. – Kristen