It is not generally cheap to go green. I mean sure, compact fluorescent bulbs can save you money in the long run and hybrid cars make sense with gas prices these days. But we all know that feeding the kids the organic mac n cheese and decorating the nursery with sustainable bamboo furniture is not exactly for bargain hunters.

Now there’s an affordable and eco-friendly option for kids furniture in the playroom table set from Way Basics. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and made entirely from recycled paper. Also, very very cute. Particularly at $120 for the whole set.

We found it at Sparrow, the most excellent new online boutique for those who can’t make it to the family-run Sparrow shop in LA. Everything there is both design crowd and treehugger crowd-approved. Count us among them. –Liz

Save $10 for every $50 spent at Sparrow with code sparrowbucks10 at checkout!

Congratulations to Jen G, winner of the Way Basics playroom table set!