Hello to the onslaught of new fall babies, including my own,  thanks to those cold boring winter months and crazy holiday parties (ahem). Even though I’ve got no baby shower in sight myself, that won’t stop me from snagging one of these amazing Salvor long-sleeved onesies or at least adding it to my “strong hint list” for close friends and family.

I love how they combine the comfort and convenience of a kimono onesie with bold and realistic graphics of penguins, seahorses, or my fave, the elephant.

While I get the whole cutesie illustrated animal motif of other layette items, I have to say that I’m pretty sure I know I have a baby; I don’t necessarily need to cover her in small baby animals to remind myself.

They’re found exclusively at one of our favorite shops, Nonchalantmom. -Kristen


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