Wish as I may that I could dress my kids in retro hipster clothing, the combination of my southern locale and my preppy husband make it a look that I just don’t think we can pull off. But if you’ve got a kid that can sport a derby to the park, then he’s definitely got to have a gorgeous handmade blazer from Haute Bebe by House of Lux.

These practically made to order jackets, like the Olive Roy (pictured), are few-of-a-kind, each made of remnants and discontinued fabrics. Every detail, from the crazy golden brocade lining and funky buttons to the leather tobacco patches–always an important detail for a preschooler’s clothes–make these blazers a must-have for Fall. Or at least a must-want.  -Kristen

These pieces are made in limited quantities, so if you see something is sold out, don’t fret – just email them!

Congratulations to Leslie F, winner of the Olive Roy from House of Lux!