I am not of the mindset that children’s furniture should be serious – or any furniture for that matter. Give me some bright lime green plastic dining room seats over a set of stern Teutonic stiff-backed chairs any day. Oh wait, I already have them.

No surprise then that I fell instantly madly in love with Jellio which designs heaping amounts of fun into every piece that they make. Inspired by candy, classic toys, and other icons of childhood, I’m going nuts for the candy button bench complete with rubber “candy dots,” the Lite Brite inspired table that glows if placed over a light source, and clocks fashioned out of vintage gumball machines.

But if I had to pick one thing? (Because really, it’s not like I could fill a whole house with this.) It would have to be the Slider Wall Art that looks like one of those little sliding puzzles from goody bags of yore, only 2-feet wide.

These guys are easily the Willy Wonka of furniture makers. Hooray for fun! Hooray for Jellio! –Liz

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