Have you tried Hint Water yet? You have to. You just totally have to.

Take it from me, because I’m not a flavored water fan. Mostly I think water is pretty darn good, and it doesn’t need a whole lot of flavoring. But Hint Water–all natural, no sweeteners, lots and lots of flavors, and boy do I like it.

The lime water actually tastes like lime in water (take a hint, Coca Cola!) and I could carry that cucumber water around all day long. It reminds me of something you’d be served at some high end SoCal restaurant or at a schmancy spa. In fact, I totally just want to lie back and have someone massage my feet every time I open a bottle. Sadly, it never happens.

You can buy Hint Water on their website (or our affiliate Amazon) or order it by the case online. Yes, it’s totally a little indulgence. But we moms get so few of those. Live a little. –Liz


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