While I may not always feel smartre enough for Sartre, The Woollyhoodwinks vs. the Dark Patch is one for this existentialist. With a mix of cute handmade sock-puppet-looking things (the aforementioned Woollyhoodwinks) and whimsical sentences that shock and please with their originality, if you like your adult
books intense, this is the kids’ book for you.
Written by Asa Sanchez and Phil Dumesnil and illustrated by Jeff Root
and Scott Runcorn, this trippy storybook had me at Junco the
Woollyhoodwink contemplating the meaning of a button — all day long.
Also, the line about nighttime: So the space between yesterday and tomorrow
is now
Dude. Dude!
The adventure begins when a
wee piece of sky falls down into the North Forest shaking up life as the creatures know it. Of course your kids just may think the dolls are cute. And that’s okay too. –Rita

Pre-order yours now via publisher Immedium
to get an autographed copy.


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