There is no shame in cooking with baking mixes or prepared foods, although I have a pretty stringent list of criteria for them to make it into my shopping cart. I am delighted to discover that the Monkey Bread mixes from Lollipop Tree pass with flying colors.

Organic? Why yes, 70% organic. Short list of ingredients? Indeed, and none of them are high fructose corn syrup or weird unpronouncable chemicals. Responsible? Here is where Lollipop Tree really shines: A portion of the proceeds from all Monkey Breads sold is contributed to Heifer Project International which provides livestock to people in need around the world.

Plus? Monkey Bread is just plain fun. Created by rolling little balls of dough–fantastic activity for your kids on a rainy day– flavors like banana chocolate chip and wild blueberry crisp are best eaten with fingers. Leading to sticky hands, and happy faces. Including yours. –Danielle


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