Now at the tail end of my third pregnancy, I admit that I feel the total opposite of sexy. The gigunda belly coupled with the larger than life butt tucked into some pretty scary maternity underpants do not help the situation.

But with a little something from Agent Provocateur, like their new Maternity bra and panties set, you might just see that sexy pregnant glow from me yet. A fave among celebrities (because that’s pretty much who can afford it these days), Agent Provocateur is all about the most gorgeous, erotic, sophisticated lingerie designs, and their new maternity pieces are no exception. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen anything like it, particularly the hot leopard print pattern. (Rowr!)

If you’re looking for something ultra special to take the frump and grump out of your pregnancy, then this set would be it. Just make sure to pop in a DVD for the kids in another room before perusing their entire site, mamas. -Kristen

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