Now that I’ve got three children, I’ve given up trying to protect the youngest from his older sisters’ tastes in TV shows. Is it cliché to mention that I saw Road Runner get clobbered at least a thousand times as a kid, and I’m still an upstanding member of society?

Even so, it’s nice to pop in a DVD that’s actually geared toward my baby that doesn’t simultaneously make me want to take forks to my own eyeballs, which is why the new titles from Sparkabilities are my kind of baby videos. The content is based on the PlayWisely scientific methodologies, mirroring the way babies’ brains actually develop. It’s not about turning your kid into a genius – God, no. Instead, the segments use what scientists believe babies understand intuitively, like colors, shapes, and facial templates, to build key skills like recognition, and memory.

Sounds complicated? Oops, sorry. Let’s just say it’s truly entertaining; my baby got a kick out of watching it and I got a kick out of watching my baby watch it. That in itself is cool. -Julie


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